5 Days Dolomiti Paganella: greetings from local institutions

27 Jun 2024 - Attività


5 Days Dolomiti Paganella: greetings from local institutions


Official presentation at the Palace of the Autonomous Province of Trento for 5 Days Dolomiti Paganella, organized by Park World Tour Italy under the aegis of the Italian Federation of Orienteering Sports, with the sponsorships of the municipalities of the Paganella Plateau, in collaboration with Trentino Marketing and APT Dolomiti Paganella. In today’s news the greetings from the institutions to the 1,500 orienteers with map and compass from 40 countries on 5 continents who will arrive in Trentino for the sixth edition of the event. 

Francesca Gerosa, Vice-President and Councillor for Education, Culture and Sport of the Autonomous Province of Trento

“Orienteering has always fascinated me a lot. A discipline loved by kids, which is proposed in schools starting from the primary one, because it is definitely a sport with an important competitive part, but above all it pushes the younger generations to develop fundamental transversal skills. Acquiring from an early age the ability to orient oneself, not only on a theoretical level but by experiencing space and learning about our territory, is highly formative. I would like to bring orienteering more and more to schools, through collaboration with the Federation and Coni”.

Roberto Failoni, Councillor for Tourism of the Autonomous Province of Trento

“We are proud to host such an important and logistically complex event. However, thanks to the incredible work of our volunteers and the high quality of the accommodations, we are confident that we will succeed. Our goal is to strengthen the relationship between sports and tourism, so events like this are perfect for our reality”.

Maurizio Rossini, CEO of Trentino Marketing

“We cherish the discipline of orienteering, because it is undoubtedly one of the sports that finds its ideal location in Trentino, and this is testified by the numerous competitions with different validity, which are held in our territory every year. This discipline identifies itself with nature, with the Dolomite landscape, boasts a particularly “soft” relationship with the natural environment that serves as its arena, and manages to attract a large number of participants, especially foreigners and from northern Europe”. 

Michele Viola, President APT Dolomiti Paganella

“In Paganella we are looking forward to welcoming the athletes of the 5 Days and seeing them give color to our trails and villages. We are sure they will feel at home with us, because we share the same love for sports, togetherness and nature. We are doing our best to ensure an unforgettable 5 Days”. 

Sergio Anesi, President of the Italian Orienteering Sports Federation

“The attention of the Province of Trento has always been very high towards orienteering, which we rediscover every time we come up with international and other events. FISO is the only federation based in Trentino and, also for this reason, we carry on our commitment to represent it at its best. 5 Days has over the years brought the orienteering community to discover different locations fully grasping the founding values promoted by the Federation, such as the involvement of all age groups and the tourist promotion of the host locations with a significant economic inducement. I am sure that this edition will also be a success”. 

Mauro Gazzerro, President of 5 Days

“These data not only highlight Scandinavia’s commitment and leadership in orienteering, but also testify how its practice represents a real way of life in Northern Europe. The widespread interest in Italy and in the sports and tourism proposal structured by the organization of 5 Days, in collaboration with Dolomiti Paganella and local administrations, has also allowed registrations from the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil and New Zealand. An increasingly global participation, attracted by the beautiful location and the high technical level of the competition”. 

Gabriele Viale, PWT President and Marketing Manager 5 Days Dolomiti Paganella

“Since 2018, PWT Italy has developed an event model to enhance those tourist areas not yet active in orienteering, such as Madonna di Campiglio, Fai della Paganella and Dolomiti Cadore, with the development of a mapping system and an international network of ambassadors. In 6 editions of this new 5 Days, we have moved 12 thousand athletes for an average stay of 7 days, amounting to 90 thousand direct tourist presences, with an economic impact on the territory of more than 1 million euros. We have made cartographic facilities worth 100 thousand euros and financed in race fees Federation and regional committees for 200 thousand euros. It would be functional to have a comparison table among operators to systematize the orienteering tourism offer at the international level”. 

Meanwhile, the start lists of all participants have been posted on the website.


Are you ready? 5 Days is very close!