The city of Rotondella welcomes Code Hunter, for the first time in Basilicata

23 Feb 2024 - Attività

The city of Rotondella welcomes Code Hunter, for the first time in Basilicata


The organizational machine of 5 Days Dolomiti Paganella is proceeding apace thanks, in particular, to the support of the PWT Italy team. In addition to the commitment to the event in Trentino from July 1 to 6, the team presented just on February 20 the Code Hunter project in Rotondella.

Just as in Cadore, where there are as many as 4 facilities promoted at 5 Days 2023, in Italy the project is active, in agreement with the host Administrations, in areas such as the Berici Hills in the province of Vicenza (4 facilities), Puglia(Vieste and other facilities under construction), and Sardinia (Calagianus, in the province of Sassari).


Now Code Hunter arrives for the first time in Basilicata, on the Balcony of the Ionian Sea, with the aim of attracting new international markets of deseasonalized tourism, offering a fun and challenging way to explore the environment under the banner of sustainability.

The presentation of the facility was attended by Rotondella Mayor Gianluca Palazzo, Vice Mayor Pasquale Dimatteo and Gabriele Viale, Team Manager PWT Italy. The day was also an opportunity to meet with administrators of the municipalities in the Matera area, as Rotondella has applied to host on 2025 the  XX^  Mediterranean Open Championship of Orienteering  in synergy with the Matera province.


With more than 400,000 participants worldwide, Code Hunter was developed by PWT Italia, MOBO’s official partner on the peninsula. With just one app, which can be downloaded for free, it transforms every location into an ultra-low-impact challenge: anyone can register and, once the nearest facility is located, use the map to search for checkpoints scattered throughout the territory. You can walk, run, bike, because time is absolutely not a factor.

Once the checkpoint is located, simply scan through the app the QRcode to accumulate points. Those who do not disdain, in fact, a bit of competition, can compete within a world ranking by collecting QRcodes, each corresponding to a different level of difficulty and therefore a different value in terms of score. Easy points colored blue award 10 points, medium difficulty points colored red award 20 points, and more challenging points colored black award 30 points.


The Dolomiti Paganella District is also planning to build some Code Hunter facilities in Andalo, Cavedago, Fai della Paganella and S.Lorenzo Dorsino very soon.