World Cup Round 1, Relays closed the first international major event of 2023

5 May 2023 - Elite Team

Last Sunday, 30th April, the Relay race closed the first World Cup Round in Østfold, Norway with double victory for Sweden. For the PWT Italy team, both Scalet and Inderst were competing with the first Italian team (ITA-1).

RELAY – Official results MEN (…/ChampionshipResultli…)
1 SWE 1:37:13
2 FIN 1:37:25
3 NOR 1:37:26
12 ITA 1:53:18
A small analysis of the World Cup Round 1 from the technical aspect follows:
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Official results
Riccardo (59. 1:45:50 +17:44): “A “bad-day” for me, unfortunately already after some minutes I started having stomach problems and feeling not so fit. I still tried to complete the course as a preparation for the upcoming long-distance courses.”
Sebastian (63. 1:46:50 +18:44): “This was the race I was most looking forward. It went pretty good technically, physically I could keep a stable pace throughout the race and the nutrition plans I had been experimenting during the winter seem to work fine. It was good to get the confirmation that the base form is there.”
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Official results

Riccardo (dnf.): “Probably the format I had best prepared, I ran with controlled effort in a terrain which doesn’t suit me particularly. At the end MP already at the first control, where I punched the Women’s control (171 instead of 151) and wanished therefore a potential top25-30 race.”

Sebastian (72. 42:07 +8:12): “Very stable race, but probably too much respect for the terrain. Was expecting a bit more difficult of a course, so in the end my tactic didn’t pay off.”



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Official results

Riccardo: “After Idre Fjall in 2021, I am back at running the first leg in a WCup Relay. Generally happy with a stable course, I’ve only lost twice 25” because of a small mistake and a longer forking. Changed-over 1’ behind the lead in contact with the leading pack, so this was my goal.

One week now to rest before a first training camp in Switzerland together with the French Team (Thanks for the opportunity). Let’s go!”

Sebastian: “Got a great starting position thanks to Riccardo’s good performance, but unfortunately, I physically I just wasn’t my day, so I had to let pass several runners…at least technically it still went quite ok, a part from a 1′ mistake.

Overall, it was a great test, and it’s clear how the basis and techique is there, but that there is still much work to do on speed. It’s 2.5 months left until WOC, so lets make the best out of it!”

The event in Norway officially opened the international orienteering season. The next major international events will be the WOC 2023 in Switzerland, the World Cup Round 2 in Czech Republic and finally the EOC in October in Italy.

Also present at the event was the Event Manager of the European Sprint Championships Gabriele Viale, who came to Norway to promote the Italian event and Veneto region.