16 Apr 2023 - Elite Team

The preparation of the Park World Tour Italia athletes, who in recent weeks have been involved in several events, continues!

From 24th to 31st March, a Training Camp of the Italian Elite national team was organised in the province of Trento, with focus on the World and European Championships 2023. The camp was attended by Riccardo Scalet, Sebastian Inderst and Annarita Scalzotto (+ Maelle Beauvir), who also had the opportunity to compete against the Finnish national team led by Thierry Georgieou.

On 1st and 2nd April PWT Italy organised the MOC Championships 2023 in Gargano-Puglia. While part of the team was involved in the organisation set up by Event Manager Gabriele Viale and Technical Coordinator Tommaso Scalet, some were able to compete with important athletes on the European scene. Annarita Scalzotto came third in W ELITE ( second Italian), renewing her success in the Sprint. Katiuscia Sibiglia also took third place in W45. In the following week, the MOC Sprint Camp took place in the relevant terrain for the EOC 2023. Here Riccardo Scalet, Annarita Scalzotto and Giulia Dissette had the chance to test themselves with athletes from the Swedish, Norwegian, Belgian and Danish national teams (among others) in the three distances of the October Sprint Event: Sprint, Knock Out and Sprint Relay.

From 6th to 11th April 2023, the Italian national team once again met in the Czech Republic to prepare for the second World Cup Round, which will take place there from 2nd to 6th August. Among those present were Sebastian Inderst and Alessandro Bedin (Junior), who is returning to the competitions after a period of injury.

At the same time, the National Youth team’s training camp took place in Bulgaria, with a view to the EYOC 2023. Participating in the national team for PWT Italy was Pretto Celeste Nike, who recently won the Student Championships of the province of Vicenza.

The next events for the PWT Italia team will be: Saturday 22nd April with the 2nd round of the Italian Cup in Vinadio and Sunday 23rd with the Italian Middle Distance WRE Championships. From the 27th to the 30th of April, Riccardo Scalet and Sebastian Inderst will also be engaged in the first round of the World Cup in Norway.