Kick-Off Park World Tour Italia 2023 – VeNotte Race

1 Feb 2023 - News

Kick-Off Park World Tour Italia 2023 – VeNotte Race 

Season 2023 that officially starts on the weekend of January 27-29 with three days of training, comparison, planning and strategies for the upcoming competitive year. Weekend concluded at full speed between the streets and canals of Venice, for the Veneto championship at night

Season 2023 officially inaugurated with the annual Kick-Off Weekend of the Park World Tour Italy. Three days of training, comparison, planning and competition directly in Lonigo, “HQ” of the Park World Tour Italy.

An intense weekend with sprint training in Cologna Veneta, sprint relay simulation in Este, and night sessions in the new map of the “Cava”.

The Kick-Off was also an opportunity to discuss the various events of 2023, highlight individual and team goals, and think about the next few months’ away games; the contribution of PWT Italia’s athletes abroad Tommaso Scalet (in Norway) and Sebastian Inderst (in Sweden) who created the sprint courses was also crucial.

Weekend concluded in Venice for the annual “Venotte”, a long distance race at night between the labyrinthine streets and canals of the city centre. The race, valid as a Veneto championship at night, saw over 500 participants.



The PWT Italia athletes were thus able to immediately test their form and resume their competition routines, to highlight the victories of Nike Celeste Pretto in W16, Riccardo Scalet in WElite, the second place of Katiuscia Sibiglia, the bronze medal of Giulia Dissette, the debut of Alessandro Bedin in the absolute category, and the good performances of Annarita Scalzotto and Pierantonio Pretto.

The next appointment for the Team is the organization of the MOC Championships in the magnificent grounds of the recent Master World Championships in July 2022.