21 Nov 2022 - Elite Team

Constant training, focused preparation and constructive mentality. These are the determining factors that made 2022 a highly satisfying competitive season for PWT Italia.

A path of competitive growth, which has allowed the team led by Gabriele Viale to conquer numerous Italian titles and podiums in the most important national and international competitions. Alongside the sporting performances, crowned by the second place in the national ranking relating to the Elite categories, also the events that the team, supported by sponsors and staff, managed to set up, the Mediterranean Open Championship and the World Masters in Puglia. Now the time has come to take stock of 365 days full of emotions. Let’s relive them together!



The solidity of the Elite group is confirmed by two Italian relay titles: in the men’s category with Tommaso Scalet, Sebastian Inderst and Riccardo Scalet and in the Mix Sprint with Annarita Scalzotto, Sebastian Inderst and Riccardo Scalet, to which is added the silver in the women’s relay. On an individual level, however, the Italian Sprint victories of Riccardo Scalet (21st Elite title) and Maelle Beauvir stand out. Among the juniors and youth athletes, Giulia Dissette is the strongest W20 on the Middle distance in Pian del Gac. The Bolognese also won gold in the Long Championship in Trivigno together with the young Celeste Pretto (W14).


The first Italian Cup Sprint in Alberobello, organized by PWT Italia, has women as protagonists: on the top step of the podium Maelle Beauvir (WE), Annarita Scalzotto (W20), Celeste Pretto (W14) and Katiuscia Sibiglia (W45). In the second race in Monopoli, however, Scalzotto (W20) and Pretto (W14) score one-two.

At the Italian Cup Sprint in Recanati Lukas Patscheider snatches his first victory ahead of Sebastian Inderst, while Scalzotto is second WE. In the Middle a Bosco delle Cesane Inderst takes his revenge by conducting an excellent performance. Dissette (W20) and Pretto (W14) also excel on the wooded terrain and complete the solid group performance over three days.

In Cadore, in the Middle and Long races, double success for the fastest Patscheider (ME) and Pretto (W14), while Alessandro Bedin (M18) demonstrates a significant leap in quality dominating the category in the middle distance. In Tirano Scalet and Scalzotto are authors of excellent tests as well as Pretto (W14). In October Dissette (W20) wins both the Italian Cup Sprint of Mel and the Middle of Borgo Valbelluna.



PWT Italia has been present in the national team since the first stage of the World Cup in Sweden, at the end of May, with Riccardo Scalet challenging in the Sprints. Blue jersey confirmed at the World Championships in Denmark, where in addition to the Trentino athlete, in the semifinals of the Sprint knock-out, Sebastian Inderst also takes the field. Many convocations to the European Championships in Estonia with Inderst, Patscheider, Scalzotto and Scalet, who however doesn’t compete due to physical problems.

In the final stage of the World Cup in Switzerland, Sebastian Inderst and Riccardo Scalet are again on the start line. The latter finishes the fraction with the second absolute time in the relay, closed together with Francesco Mariani and Mattia Debertolis with a memorable fifth place.

For the second part of the Junior World Cup in Portugal, Dissette and Scalzotto are also called up, in their last participation with the youth team. Finally, among the notable international results, Riccardo Scalet always wins the French Sprint and Relay race, while Beauvir becomes national champion in the long distance.