Prenota il tuo posto sugli autobus dei WMOC2022 – Daniel Hubmann il pluricampione Svizzero al via ai WMOC2022 – WMOC Tour Iscrizioni alle gare di contorno ancora aperte!!

21 May 2022 - Eventi Sportivi, News, PWT Italia

Reserve your ticket to WMOC 2022 races.
Car parking tickets are sold out! Only busses will be now allowed to the races

Daniel Hubmann, pluri World Orienteering Champion will attend WMOC 2022! 

WMOC Tour and late entries are still accepted for WMOC 2022

Car parking tickets to WMOC 2022 are now sold out! To reach Peschici and Foresta Umbra the only way to reach the competition areas are the WMOC busses because the roads will be closed to normal traffic for safety reason during the whole event.

Credits Ferrovie del Gargano

WMOC busses are also the most convenient way to reach the race arena, especially in Foresta Umbra, because they will stop exactly there and will allow you to safely reach the race on time


Reserve your bus ticket on EVENTOR
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WMOC Tour and late entries for WMOC races are still accepted.


Credits V.Biffani

WMOC Tour will be organized side by side the WMOC official races to allow partners, children and friends to travel together to the race and enjoy orienteering the same location.
WMOC Tour will have open start times to allow maximum time flexibility.

Entries are still open until the 31st May 2022 HERE

For WMOC races, late entries are accepted but only where there are vacancies on the start list. To enter, email us at


The 8 times World Orienteering Champion Daniel Hubmann will join WMOC 2022 in Gargano!

Read the full story and the interview with Daniel HERE

– 10 days to next Entry Deadline to 5 Days Italy 2022 

Only 50 entries left to reach the goal of 1553 entries, which is also the elevation on the sea level of Madonna di Campiglio.
Meanwhile we visited Patascoss, right in front of Grostè, and famous for being the start location of the legendary 3Tre World Cup ski slope. The area will host the model event of 5 Days Italy 2022.

In the coming weeks we will officially present the two stages at Passo Campo Carlo Magno and the new Fortini map. What are you waiting for?

The next entry deadline is only 10 days away!

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