WMOC 2022 sostenibile con Ferrovie del Gargano Bus service dagli aeroporti italiani al terminal di Vieste    Shuttle bus sia per il trasporto alle gare, sia dalle strutture ricettive al bus terminal

13 Feb 2022 - Eventi Sportivi, News

WMOC 2022 sustainable with Ferrovie del Gargano Bus service from Italian airports to the Vieste terminal Shuttle bus for both transport to the races and from the accommodation to the bus terminal

Encourage the growth of the combination of sport and tourism while respecting the environment. This is one of the essential objectives of the Organizing Committee of the World Orienteering Masters Championships (WMOC 2022) which, among the various locations that will host the event, will have the task of protecting the Umbra Forest, a Natural Reserve in Gargano National Park recognized by the UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site.

The events sustainability is now becoming a priority of the sports world, called to roll up their sleeves to limit, if not reduce, the impact on the territory. That territory which, especially in orienteering, represents the natural stage of every challenge, able to welcome, excite and accompany every athlete during their performance.

This strong commitment has led to the sharing and subscription, in agreement with the institutions, of a series of initiatives aimed at safeguarding the area with the maximum reduction of CO2 emissions. The WMOC 2022 footprint will also be monitored and reported by professionals and experts in the sector to create an analysis tool useful for future organizers.

A strategic choice under the agreement is the partnership with Ferrovie del Gargano, a transport company active since 1962, which has developed specific services to guarantee WMOC participants full coverage of bus trips during competitions week.


For those who need to reach the Vieste bus terminal from the main Italian airports, such as Bari, Naples, Rome, Milan, Bologna, both personalized and daily bus transfers are available upon booking. From the bus terminal it will also be possible to arrive at your accommodation in Gargano. To use it, you need to contact Ferrovie del Gargano at fdg.viaggi@fergargano.it or by phone +39 342 6293818 / + 39 0884 561020. In addition, the company’s Travel and Tourism agency, which will also have an info point at the inside the competition center, is available to assist orienteers in booking air and rail tickets for Italy and Puglia.


By registering on eventor, athletes will be able to use a continuous shuttle service from the Vieste bus terminal to the competition venues. In the same way they will then be able to return after their race without any particular waiting. The timetable, being defined, will be shared on all communication channels of the event.