La commissione internazionale IOF visita l’organizzazione WMOC2022

30 Nov 2021 - Eventi Sportivi

A warm welcome has been reserved to the IOF Event Advisors during their visit in Puglia. 

The IOF Commission has been visiting the arenas, forests, villages and venues of the next World Masters Orienteering Championships. 

The international delegation was guided by David May, Tulla Spinelli and the Finnish World Champion Janne Salmi. 

The WMOC2022 committee President Michele Barbone has guided the commission through all aspects of the ongoing organization, from logistics, to parking, courses, economic and financial supporting entities.

The IOF Advisors have appreciated the locations, as well as the ongoing organizational efforts. The competitors can expect very tricky courses and long afternoons on the seaside, together with the usual Italian warm hospitality.


14 local villages have also partnered up with WMOC2022: Vieste, Peschici, Vico del Gargano, Monte Sant’Angelo, San Marco in Lamis, San Giovanni Rotondo, Carpino, Apricena, Rodi Garganico, Cagnano Varano, Sannicandro Garganico, Mattinata, Lesina and Ischitella.


The final day was spent in Bari to meet the regional board, guided by  Elio Sannicando and Benedetto Giovanni Pacifico