Annarita Scalzotto in Portogallo per preparare i Mondiali Juniores 2022

28 Nov 2021 - Elite Team, News

Annarita Scalzotto, PWT athlete from Vicenza (IT), after a demanding season due to her ELITE convocation and JUNIOR category world championship, is now ready to prepare for 2022 events.

In these days in particular she’s in pre season with the Portugal Junior National Team, coached by CT Stefano Raus, where she will try to familiarize herself with of ground in order to explore what will be the background for the junior world championships in 2022.

Annarita Scalzotto stated: “we’re testing out the training field to learn important information about; the field is revealing its tough and spectacular nature at the same time. There’s a lot of time still before the world junior championship, but by the winter we will know what to work on and I feel very excited and ready to do my best in preparing for the event!”