Riccardo Scalet nella storia dell’orienteering Il portacolori del PWT Italia di Alonte conquista in Coppa del mondo la seconda medaglia di sempre per gli azzurri ed è la punta di diamante di una società che festeggia proprio quest’anno i suoi 20 anni di attività

28 Oct 2021 - Elite Team

An historical performance and podium for Italian Orienteering.
Riccardo’s third position in World Cup Final Middle distance race in Cansiglio forest back in October is the second podium ever for Italy in World Cup races.
The first one to ever win one was the Russian, now Italian, Mikhail Mamleev who is now also the coach of the Italian National Team.

Riccardo, 25 years old from Primiero in Trentino is now running for 6 years for PWT Italy, these are some of his words after the finish:

The preparation for this event started back two years ago and I really wanted to run well here today, I have really no idea of how many trainings I did here in Cansiglio and in Asiago to be ready for this day. I knew that I had to give my best to challenge these other strong athletes. The third place in World Cup is really a joy for me, but I want to share it also with my team, my family and who supports me in what I do from the first day I decided to take part in this sport. I want to add only that I don’t see this a finish point but rather like a new beginning to try to go for more”.

Riccardo in fact is already looking forward and this results and the 21 national titles are for sure not enough for him. For young orienteers he wants to say: “Do not give up, the road is long and steep. For sure there will be some difficult moments, but with training and the right mindset for sure the results will come”.

A great happiness also for Gabriele Viale, team manager of PWT Italy orienteering team.
These the words from Gabriele:
this podium is really awesome, real happiness. In these 6 years we worked really hard for this podium. We always believed in it, even in some difficult moments. We built a real team around Riccardo, with the right connections and support”.

How would you describe Riccardo?
Riccardo is really extraordinary, a real professional athlete with great self confidence. He has a family that really supports him and this adds to his strength. He has definitely grown as an athlete and I am sure that this is a starting point for something bigger.

What does this result mean for PWT Italy?
“It couldn’t arrive in a better moment honestly, this year we are celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the team. We are a team that with own strength was able to build a strong sport project that allowed to reach this result for us, Italian orienteering and the Italian Federation. I believe also that what Riccardo did can be a motivation for all our young athletes.”