5 Days Domina Zagarella Sicily, Maps are ready! Only two months to the event!

6 Aug 2021 - Eventi Sportivi

5 Days Domina Zagarella Sicily, Maps are ready!
Only two months to the event!

Don’t miss the chance to run in the beautiful Erice, Domina Zagarella resort, Monte Pellegrino, Calatubo forest and Porticello.
Next entry deadline 15th August 2021!!!

During this week we finalized the maps and made the checks on the competition areas. Once again Sicily welcomes all orienteers for a week of fun and orienteering in the beautiful Erice: a small town with a tricky network of paved roads which seemed to be thought for orienteers; Monte Pellegrino: the mountain looking over Palermo which offers a stunning view over the city and the entire Palermo’s bay; Calatubo forest: a small eucalyptus trees forest right beside one the best white-sand beaches in Sicily;

Porticello: a small fishermen town on the northern coast of Sicily full of history and that will be able to offer some fun for all; to finish with Domina Zagarella resort a pearl on the Porticello Bay and a temple for relaxing right on the seaside.
Check the resort HERE

Some insights on the mapping work from Gabriele and Tommaso.
“For the event, we have planned to use some known area where we have been running many years ago and some new areas. A must-see in our opinion is Erice, we updated the existing map there and for sure it will be awesome for orienteering. The last time we run there was in 2017.

Right below Erice hill, you find Calatubo forest, despite being nine years old, the map was still pretty good and the forest is still amazing. We then moved to Porticello and Domina Zagarella resort, both are new maps and together with the great feeling and views, they have a big orienteering potential which you will discover only at 5 Days Domina Zagarella Sicily 😉

On Monte Pellegrino instead, we sadly found that a small part of the map (where the first controls of MOC 2006 course went) was first hit by the fire and then by a storm and is really impossible to use. Luckily the rest of the map was safe and actually still super nice. “

We are waiting for you!
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