What are you waiting for? 5 Days Italy – 5 Days Land of Venice – 5 Days Zagarella Sicily & 5 Days Coral Bay are waiting for YOU!

11 Jun 2021 - Eventi Sportivi, News

Hurry up! next deadline is on 15th June 2021!
Enter now and save you money.

Thanks to the rapid improvement of the Covid situation in Italy and the complete opening of the whole Italian peninsula for tourism, the last entry deadline is extended to the 15th June 2021! In addition, for those who need a covid test after the event to return to their home country, there will be the possibility to be tested on Friday 2nd or Saturday 3rd .

Don’t miss the chance to run in the Dolomites! Enter now at: 5daysitaly.it



Cheer for your idols and try to run on the orienteeringWorld Cup Finals maps. Join 5 days land of Venice. Five days of orienteering some of the most challenging and amazing maps and areas in north Italy in Centro Cadore, Cansiglio and Cortina



Park World Tour Italy together with Domina Zagarella Sicily organises 5 unique orienteering stages in some of the most iconic locations in the famous Italian island. With races in Porticello north, Monte Pellegrino (Palermo), Erice historic center, Bosco Calatubo & Porticello South.



Join the first ever mult-days orienteering event raging from the stunning Red Sea’s coral bay to the rocky South Sinai desert. One of a kind combination of holiday, adventure and relax with races in Domina Coral bay resort, Wadi Speta (South Sinai), Domina Coral bay Bazar and Nabq natural reserve.

Registrations are open! Next entry deadline is 15th June 2021, Hurry up!
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