Make your summer longer! Follow the sun in Sicily & Sharm El Sheikh 5 Days Sicily – Domina Zagarella (Week 40) Five+Five Domina Coral Bay (Week 42&44) – 5 Days Italy 2021 – Dolomiti Paganella The beauties of Trentino are waiting for you!

21 May 2021 - Elite Team, Eventi Sportivi, News, News, PWT Italia

Park World Tour Italy together with Domina Zagarella Sicily organizes 5 unique orienteering stages in some of the most iconic locations in the famous Italian island. Porticello north, Monte Pellegrino (Palermo), Erice historic center, Bosco Calatubo & Porticello South.


Join the first-ever multi-days orienteering event raging from the stunning Red Sea’s coral bay to the rocky South Sinai desert. One of a kind combination of holiday, adventure and relax with races in Domina Coral Bay resort, Wadi Speta (South Sinai), Domina Coral bay Bazar and Nabq natural reserve.

Registrations are open!
For entries and race Bulletins for 5 Days Sicily visit
For entries and race Bulletins for Five+Five Sharm el-sheik visit

5 Days of Italy 2021 in the beautiful Dolomiti Paganella are waiting for you. From the 28th of June to the 2nd June 2021 the biggest five-days orienteering event in Italy is confirmed and ready to welcome all of you.

During 5 Days of Italy in Paganella, you will not only have the opportunity to run and enjoy orienteering in some of the most beautiful forests of Trentino but also travel for free around the whole area thanks to the Paganella Card and numerous busses which the organization planned between Andalo, Fai and Molveno. You can get the card for free staying in one of the accommodations in Paganella and that allows you to travel for free on all public transportations around Trentino and many discounts for many attractions in Trentino.

For info about the Paganella card, you can check the local tourism board

All runners can enjoy the lift for free to stage 4 at Chalet Forst Gaggia and a discount for all non-orienteers. Don’t miss the chance to be part of the next 5 Days of Italy 2021. Enter now at:

For a more sustainable event, during 5 Days Italy some special bus lines are organized, but to prevent busses to run empty, it would be great if all participants will inform if they plan to use the bus service.