5 Days Land of Venice, 5 Days Sicily Domina Zagarella, Five+Five Domina Coral Bay Sharm el Sheikh ENTRIES ARE OPEN! Follow the Sun and make your summer longer! Weeks 39, 40, 42 &44 Check out all the Bulletins

3 May 2021 - Eventi Sportivi, News

Cheer for your idols and try to run on the orienteering world Cup Finals maps. Join 5 days land of Venice. Five days of orienteering some of the most challenging and amazing maps and areas in north Italy in Centro Cadore, Cansiglio, and Cortina.


Check out Bulletin 1 of 5 Days Land of Venice HERE


Make your summer longer! Follow the sun in the beautiful Sicily. Park World Tour Italy together with Domina Zagarella Sicily organizes 5 unique orienteering stages in some of the most iconic locations in the famous Italian island. Porticello north, Monte Pellegrino (Palermo), Erice historic center, Bosco Calatubo & Porticello South.

Check out Bulletin 1 of 5 Days Sicily – Domina Zagarella  HERE


Join the first-ever multi-days orienteering event raging from the stunning Red Sea’s coral bay to the rocky South Sinai desert. One of a kind combination of holiday, adventure and relax with races in Domina Coral Bay resort, Wadi Speta (South Sinai), Domina Coral bay Bazar and Nabq natural reserve.

Check out Bulletin 1 of Five+Five Domina Coral Bay in Sharm el Sheikh HERE