5 Days of Italy – Paganella Dolomites is Confirmed.“It will be a genuine orienteering event fused with Trentino’s traditions.

9 Apr 2021 - Eventi Sportivi, PWT Italia

5 Days of Italy – Paganella Dolomites is Confirmed.

“It will be a genuine orienteering event fused with Trentino’s traditions. All in a fantastic environment and with the breath taking view of the Dolomites”

Next entry deadline 15th May 2021


With the spring right around the corner, the whole 5 Days italy team is getting ready, with the final check of the competition maps and the courses. On the Paganella Plateau and the Dolomites (UNESCO world heritage site) all is ready to welcome all orienteers for a memorable week of sport and nature. Entries for 5 Days Italy are still open and the next registration deadline in on 15th May, but it will be still possible to register until the 3rd of June.

After the Easter holidays, we had a chance to have a chat with 5 Days of Italy President Mauro Gazzerro to have some insight on how the event organization is going and what participants will expect in Paganella this summer.

Hi Mauro, we have seen some nice winter pictures from Paganella with a lot of snow. Now that spring has come, how is the preparation of 5 Days of Italy in Paganella going? 

Ciao, yes indeed, in winter we have seen a lot of snow covering all Dolomites area. Luckily we were able to check all the maps and courses before the winter so now, that the snow is melting, we are controlling all the areas and courses to make sure that all is ready for June.

We have already prepared and tested a safety protocol for the event. Early this year, in January, actually in Trentino the famous Marcialonga race was held and saw over 2000 skiers at the start.
In addition we are working closely with the local authorities in Paganella plan and organize all at its best.

We saw that in Italy national and international orienteering events are taking place, does it mean that 5 Days of Italy will definitely take place?

Yes, we saw MOC Championships(with World Ranking Event)  taking place just few weeks ago in March with over 500 orienteer each race from Italy and abroad. And then whole event was organized in a “red zone” area. This is because the government allows all national and international lever races to take place. For this reason 5 Days of Italy Paganella will take place. 

For the races, in Italy we have a safety procedure which was reviewed and authorized by the government that allowed to have all national championships last year and this year too.
In detail, each runner will have to keep the mask on before and after the race, running the race is of course allowed without the mask. At the start competitors will have to sanitize their hands and then will be split in separate corridors to ensure the interpersonal safety distance. Only at the starting moment, runners are allowed to take off the mask. Once at the finish, it is mandatory to wear the mask again, sanitize the hands, read  out and get the split times. Mask then after the race will need to be kept on then whole time.
All results, startlists and important info will be online to prevent any big gatherings. 


What will the participants find in Paganella at 5 Days of Italy 2021?
This year 5 Days will be a genuine orienteering event fused with Trentino’s traditions. All in a fantastic environment and with the breath taking view over the Dolomites UNESCO world heritage site. 


How will foreigner orienteers be able to partecipante to the event?

Yes, as mentioned before both Marcialonga and MOC were an example and are a great drive for us, and in both cases athletes from abroad were allowed to participate.

The Italian government in fact has an entry exemption for sporting competitions, where runners are allowed to enter with a negative molecular or antigenic swab test done 48h prior the entry. Here is the actual norm: 


Thanks to the strong vaccination campaign and the current improvement of the Covid situation, the hope is that in June the situation is even better. We anyway have prepared the event so that all safety rules from the government and FISO (Italian orienteering Federation) are followed, as it was done for the recent national and international orienteering events in Italy.


Thank you Mauro for your time and for all these in depth clarifications. 

Thank you, and see you all at 5 Days of Italy 2021 in Paganella Dolomiti. We are waiting for you!


Find out more about 5 Days of Italy 2021 at: https://www.5daysitaly.it/

Entries are open! Register now at:  https://www.5daysitaly.it/entries/