Intervista al team Manager PWT Italia Gabriele Viale, sul post gara di Lonigo/Montecchio Maggiore

3 Apr 2021 - Elite Team, Eventi Sportivi, News, News, PWT Italia, Senza categoria



How does it feel to have organized the MOC Championships in Lonigo and Montecchio Maggiore?

This year’s MOC has made history for several reasons, not only we were able to organize an international event in a “red-zone” sanitary area, while other event organizers have given up.   

Also, we’ve noticed a generational change in the Italian orienteering results, the two young runners Caterina Dallera and Annarita Scalzotto have shown great potential, as well as Giulia Dissette and Anna Pradel, these athletes will be the future of our Elite women. In the Men, Riccardo Scalet has shown the strength and will to be ready for international medals.

Also in the organization, we’ve seen a generational shift, with Aaron Gaio guiding the event as IOF event advisor, alongside the main technical organizer Tommaso Scalet and his support Stefano Raus. Paride Grava guiding the start-area, while Anna Giovanelli shared her experience in time-keeping. The future of our sport goes through them. After 15 years of MOC Camp, and years of world-coaches guidance, this year the head coach was Tommaso Scalet, and the outcome has been a success! 

Which difficulties have you encountered in organizing this event?

For sure the COVID-19 protocol and its strict rules have been a great burden, however, thanks to years of field experience, we’ve managed to respect all sanitary rules and ensure a safe, fun, and respectful event. All technical aspects, like courses, controls, running streams, as well as the arena, parking, sanitary services, and organization was tailored along with these regulations. 

What about the satisfaction now?

For sure a lot of work, but it has paid off! We’ve received countless feedbacks from happy runners, as well as international pride. We can say it has surely been an organizational victory, a sign of hope after a very hard 2020 season. We’ve shared this victory with our whole team, as well as the local authorities, our public and private sponsors, and supporters.


What are you wishing to the Italian Orienteering world?

We hope to be soon back running in forests and fields in total liberty, just like we were used to.  


PWT ITALIA Press Office