Loison e PWT Italia, ripartire dal territorio e dalle idee con una visione internazionale

25 Mar 2021 - Elite Team, News

An innovative cooperation between Loison and PWT Italia orienteering team.

In the past days, the Colli Berici has hosted a large number of orienteering athletes, who took part in two international events in Lonigo and Montecchio Maggiore.

Between the training sessions, several of these athletes could visit Loison HQ and its showroom in Costabissara.

Dario Loison: “We’re doing our best to restart and support innovation. The project between Loison and PWT Italia aims to promote the territory through sport, physical activity, and integration.

The PWT Italia has been based in Alonte since 2001, in 2021, its 20th anniversary it is aiming to: “Develop, pursue and promote values through our sport, orienteering; in the past 5 years the team has gained and international role with the results of our athletes. The pandemic has deeply hit us, and we were not able to organize most of our 2020 events. We restart now from our local area, and its richness, in order to promote sport for the youngest, and support our elite runners in their sports-careers.” Says Gabriele Viale, the team manager.

Loison HQ has hosted the Suisse runner Simona Aebersold (9 World Championships medals), the Norvegian Kasper Fosser (7 medals at junior world championships) and the brothers Tommaso and Riccardo Scalet (Italian champions in Relay)