Time to get back to competitions!

19 Feb 2021 - Eventi Sportivi, News, News, PWT Italia

MOC Championships 19-21 March 2021
Time to get back to competitions!

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MOC Mediterranean Open Championship 2021 is approaching in given many questions arrived, we decided to have a chat with Gabriele Viale, Event Manager and father of MOC Championships.

PWT: Hello Gabriele, as Event Manager of MOC 2021, how is the organization of the event going?
GV: The organization of the races proceeds quickly. Of course it’s an unusual organization which need to take into account  the current COVID 19 situation. Maps and courses are now ready. While instead for the logistic and safety aspects we are working in close cooperation with the local institutions. We already organized the 3 peaks last August with following the new COVID 19, so the staff is well aware of them. Also in Veneto region, currently they are hosting the Alpine Ski World Championships, so we are learning from them too.

PWT: You talked about Covid-19procedures, which are the protocols and restrictions which you have prepared for the races?
GV: Mainly we are following the government rules together with the FISO (Italian orienteering federation), which we are translating to english and will publish in a special bulletin. We shall avoid all assembly of people or situations which might cause it, for example, the refreshment points cannot be organized, as well as the paper display of results, and common dressing rooms. Athletes must go to the start with the mask, maintaining the safety distances. They can compete without the mask and once they arrive they will have to wear it again. Upon arrival, the athletes must immediately go to their car and not stop in the race area. In addition, all the technical staff will have auxiliary anti-COVID protections.

PWT: What should the runners expect from MOC Championships and MOC Camp 2021?
GV: The long lost feeling of competing!! To enjoy our sport, running free and challenging themselves with a map and compass. We will make sure to give to each participant the best we can following all the safety regulations.

PWT: 2021 marks the 20th anniversary of PWT Italy, what does it personally mean to you having MOC in this special moment right in your homeland?
GV: If I think that we have been organizing orienteering competitions (and other sports too) for twenty years, I get chills. Mainly 20 years dedicated to promoting this sport in countless countries, regions, provinces. Many times we have been pioneers of orienteering, I have truly often felt like an explorer. I don’t dare to think about how many miles I have covered with the car. We have thousands of orienteering friends all over the world. Today PWT Italia is a consolidated organization, which works with great effort and as many others are trying to resist the Covid crisis also looking beyond orienteering. During these time we have never stopped to focus on our elite team and a team that works on important projects to support high-level athletes . The Covid crisis has taught us that the area where you live is also important, so we decided to organize the MOC 2021 in the area where the headquarter of PWT Italy is  located. In addition, we’ll organize a series of events to commemorate these 20 years, and some great orienteering party  in autumn, on the occasion of the various 5 days that we will organize (5 days Land of Venice in conjunction with the World Cup finals, Five days Sicily and 5 days Domina Coral Bay in Sharm el Sheikh). To celebrate this 20th anniversary we are also making a dedicated book and a commemorative t-shirt, which will be available soon.

Thanks Gabriele, it was great to hear that all is set and ready and that you are ready to welcome all runners in you homeland.
Entries are open at: www.orienteering.it

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