Gennaio iniziato a pieno ritmo per gli atleti del PWT Italia

10 Jan 2021 - Elite Team, News

After spending the Christmas holidays at home and with self-individual training sessions, the PWT Italia athletes are ready to take over again the Winter preparation towards the upcoming season 2021. 


The Park World Tour Italia, reigning Italian Champion in Relay, as well as individual reigning Italian Champion in Long, Middle, and Sprint distance, strengthens its lineup in 2021 with two junior runners, Giulia Dissette and Annarita Scalzotto, the former Italian champion, and vice-champion in women 18 categories.  


Here’s the comment of Gabriele Viale, Team manager: “We are proud to commit and help young Italian talents to grow, develop and improve, given the impossibility of being recruited by any military sports groups. We have also started cooperating together with Pergine Orienteering Team, we share the training of our juniors to help each other and grow together.  

Our juniors have already had a taste of the 2021 season during the past days, with a short training day together with the youth- and junior- national team.

The Elite Team, on the other hand, works hard in several different environments.

Lukas Patscheider keeps training hard between Alto Adige and Graz, in Austria, where he studies at the local university. 


Sebastian Inderst flew back to Switzerland, and precisely, Engadin, to spend Christmas on the XC skis. 

Tommaso and Riccardo Scalet have decided to switch the mountaineering skis with orienteering shoes, and have moved for the next three weeks to South of Italy. 


Our female athletes are coordinating training sessions with maternity (Carlotta Scalet) and work-experience (Anna Giovanelli). 


PWT Italia Press Office