MOC Championships 2021 NEW dates and Locations in Venice land

27 Nov 2020 - Eventi Sportivi, News, News, PWT Italia

19th March Alonte
20th March Lonigo
21st March Montecchio Maggiore
MOC Camp 2021 in Venice Land

Due to the world pandemic we had to rethink MOC 2021, and organise it in Alonte, Lonigo and Montecchio Maggiore. We took this decision analysing the recent data and thanks to the good accessibility of the areas via plane, train and car. It was an important decision but we have the full support of the local municipalities and there we can ensure the safety of all participants of MOC.

Alonte and Lonigo held PWT Gran Finale races back in 2008 with many big orienteering stars at the starting line

Race program will be:
19th March 2021 – Night race in Alonte
20th March 2021 – Sprint WRE race in Lonigo
21st March 2021 – Sprint WRE race in Montecchio Maggiore

After MOC Championships, MOC Camp 2021 will be organised in various areas around Veneto region.

MOC Camp preliminary program is:
22nd March – free day (open training)
23rd March – Sprint Qualification and Sprint Final
24th March – Sprint Relay
25th March – Open training
26th March – Knock Out

MOC Tour will be postponed to 2022, because at now a tour around various nations seems infeasible due to the restrictions that different nations have for different nationalities and the impossibility to get tourist visa for those who needs it.