5 Days of Italy 2021 – Dolomiti Paganella, every stage a new emotion! Enter at discounted price.

20 Nov 2020 - Eventi Sportivi, News

5 Days of Italy in 2021 will be hosted in Paganella plateau, under the famous Brenta Dolomites and will offer to all orienteers a wide variety of terrains and races. Each stage will have a unique special terrain, from lakes to mountains, to discover the beauties of the area.

Stage 1 – Fai della Paganella
As usual, 5 Days of Italy begins with a sprint race. In 2021 the small alpine town of Fai della Paganella (Event Center of 5 Days of Italy 2021) will see its narrow and tricky roads filled with orienteers, visiting all the most iconic areas of the town.
Stage 2 – Andalo & Molveno
The forest of Molveno and Andalo located between the two lakes (of Molveno and Andalo) and the Brenta Dolomites will be the venue for a nice and technical demanding long distance.
Stage 3 – Andalo
On the north part of Lake of Andalo, lies a pine-tree forest which will offer a really enjoyable middle distance race.
Stage 4 – Chalet Forst Gaggia
New area right under the Paganella peak which will be reached with a gondola-lift and will offer a variety of fast and very detailed terrains
Stage 5 – Fai della Paganella
Grand finale of 5 Days of Italy will be run in the forest of Fai della Paganella, a natural terrace on the Adige valley, which will offer numerous view and scenic points.

Enter now and discounted price at 5 Days of Italy 2021 in Dolomiti Paganella and experience yourself all these amazing locations. Info and entries at: https://www.5daysitaly.it/