Sharm el Sheikh – discovering a new paradise for orienteering and holiday. Highlight with the FKT on Mt.Sinai for Riccardo Scalet with Domina Travel.

13 Nov 2020 - Eventi Sportivi, News, News, PWT Italia

Thanks to the cooperation with Domina Travel, Sharm el Sheikh and their resort Domina Coral Bay, we discovered how of a paradise for orienteering and holiday it is. Thanks to the plenty of stunning areas in the South Sinai Desert, it is a real unique place also for orienteering. And thanks to the numerous activities with Domina team such as sand boarding, desert safari, diving in the Coral Reef, it will make a memorable holiday.

Highlight is the new FKT (fastest known time) for PWT Italy athlete Riccardo Scalet. Ascending on November 10th the historical and holy mountain in only 35’17’’ beating the previous records from Cristian Rougier in 44’21” and another italian Max Calderan in 46’. The record attempt started from from St. Catherine Monastery at 6:30 local time, and Riccardo reached the top of Mt.Sinai at 2285m in few seconds over 35minutes. Ascent time was certified by Seikh Ahmed from the tribe of Jebelia, responsible for the security of St. Catherine Monastery.

To support Riccardo and celebrate the new FKT there were:
Fabio Brucini – from honorary Italian consolate in Sharm El Sheikh
Giovanni Cavaliere – general manager Domina Coral Bay
Ulu Aeschlimann – manager Ulu’s Reisewelt
Gabriele Viale – team manager PWT Italia Orienteering Team

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