Riccardo Scalet: miglior prestazione mondiale della scalata del Monte Sinai, grazie alla partnership con Domina travel

10 Nov 2020 - Elite Team, News, News, PWT Italia

Riccardo Scalet, orienteering athlete from Fiera di Primiero running for PWT Italia orienteering team signs the new FKT on the ascent to Mount Sinai with the time of 35’17” (5km with 790m ascent)

Ascent time was certified by Seikh Ahmed from the tribe of Jebelia, responsible for the security of St. Catherine Monastery.
The record attempt started from St. Catherine Monastery at 6:30 local time.
The previous ascent records were from Cristian Rougier in 44’21” and another italian Max Calderan in 46’.
To the top of Mt. Sinai when Riccardo’s clock stopped at 35’17” to celebrate the new record there were:
Fabio Brucini – from honorary Italian consolate in Sharm El Sheikh
Giovanni Cavaliere – general manager Domina Coral Bay
Ulu Aeschlimann – manager Ulu’s Reisewelt
Gabriele Viale – team manager PWT Italia Orienteering Team

Special date the 10th November because is thought to be the same date in which Moses ascent the same mountain.
Mount Sinai (2285m on seal level) is the second highest mountain in Egypt after Mount Catherina (2637m).  St. Catherine Monastery (starting place for the ascent) is also famous, in fact it is the oldest Christian monastery still existent under the mount Siani, where according to the Bible, Moses talked to God.

These the first words from Riccardo after the record: “I am honoured to have had the chance to run on this extraordinary mountain full of history. I am thankful for the great support by the perfect team organised by Domina Travel, the Italian consulate, the tribe of Jebelia and PWT Italia. Is might be weird but these mountains reminded me a lot of Lagorai Mountains close to home”

The return to Italy will be for tomorrow.

Tuesday 10th November 2020
PWT Italia press office