MOC Championships 2021 & MOC Camp 2021 are confirmed!

30 Oct 2020 - Elite Team, Eventi Sportivi, PWT Italia, Senza categoria

MOC Championships 2021 & MOC Camp 2021 are confirmed!
19th-21st March MOC Championships 2021
22nd-26th March MOC Camp 2021
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In March this year we were ready to offer another exciting Mediterranean Open Championship for all orienteers, but only a few days from the event this terrible virus forced us (as many others around the world) to postpone the event to the next year. This time was not really easy and full of uncertainties, but it allowed us to work hard and focus for 2021 in order to offer something not only memorable but also safe for all.

Thanks to the cooperation with the local authorities we are happy to confirm that MOC Championships and MOC Camp 2021 are confirmed!
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19th – 21st March 2021 MOC Championships
22nd – 26th March 2021 MOC Camp

MOC Tour will be postponed to 2022, because at now a tour around various nations seems infeasible due to the restrictions that different nations have for different nationalities and the impossibility to get tourist visa for those who needs it.

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