Pwt Italia: obiettivo ripartenza!

23 Oct 2020 - Elite Team, News

Pwt Italia: Let’s go! 

The PWT Italia has been working throughout the whole year to offer you a great 2021 together!

A great 2020 year for our PWT Italia Elite team, with three MElite Victories by Riccardo Scalet and the medals of Lukas Patscheider, Tommaso Scalet, and Sebastian Inderst.

After a short but tough season, the PWT Italia met in the headquarter to look back, and plan hot to proceed towards an even better 2021.

Gabriele Viale, the Team Manager opened the meeting by resuming shortly the whole year, which projects were carried on and what had to be stopped or delayed because of the epidemics.

One of the biggest news of our 2021 will be the partnership with Domina Travel, a world-known Tour Operator working in over 115 countries. A great offer for any eager orienteer in search of good weather, good food, sunshine, and holidays.

This new collaboration has represented a great opportunity for both PWT Italia and Domina Travel. Our fellow orienteering friends can already start to look forward to a great season of orienteering, fun, and holidays in the Domina’s locations.

The next topic has been the World Master Orienteering Championships WMOC2022 in Gargano. PWT Italia will coordinate the overall organization together with the Italian Orienteering Federation, the local authorities, and the WMOC President Michele Barbone.

Despite the current pandemics, the PWT Italia also successfully organized an international week of orienteering under the Tre Cime di Lavaredo, the 3 Peaks 2020 Training Camp and Weekend Races were a great success! Beautiful orienteering under one of the most stunning landscapes in the world.

Tommaso Scalet, PWT Italia technical director, double-bronze medalists at the Italian Championships, and FISO Veneto representative, took the attention to all the upcoming projects, together with the FISO Veneto president Mauro Gazzerro.

To wrap it up… PWT Italia is Back!