Øystein Kvaal Østerbø: “when I saw 3 Peaks was arranged in August in the dolomites I immediately was keen to join”

17 Jul 2020 - Eventi Sportivi, News


Interview with Øystein Kvaal Østerbø 

Among all runners entered to 3 Peaks 2020 we are happy to welcome back to italy also Øystein Kvaal Østerbø, two times silver medalist and WOC and bronze medalist at last EOC. Øystein will join all the races and the training camp, we had a chance to have a short chat with him.

PWT: Hello Øystein, we are happy to have you back, how has it been there lately for you?


Øystein: I have been mostly home in Trondheim since the corona restrictions started in the beginning of March, with a few trips to other parts of Norway the last month. I had some injury issues in March, so it was OK for me to don’t need to stress to be in competition shape then. It also gave me better time to focus on the four exams I had in May. We had great skiing conditions until the end of May in Trondheim this spring, so I have enjoyed keeping up the basic winter training for a long time. I have also been running a few local orienteering races, and a 5 km road race, all with several corona restrictions. So I have not missed the bigger competitions as much as I could expect, and found it nice to have more time home and just enjoy the training.


PWT: What made you choose Italy and the first edition of 3 peaks for your next competitions and training camp? 

Øystein: I have been in Italy many times, and find it a very nice country, with great areas for both sprint and forest orienteering, and in general for training and relaxing that’s why I decided to come. I really enjoyed the preparations for WOC 2014, and when I saw 3 Peaks was arranged in August in the dolomites I immediately was keen to join. I also have some friends living in the area, so I can combine visiting them with a longer training block in a great area. The pizza and gelato is also a bonus.


PWT: What are your expectations for 3 peaks?

Øystein: I was in that part of the Dolomites in 2007, and have since then wanted to come back. The scenery is amazing, and I enjoy being in the mountains. So I hope it will be a good mix of solid training and some nice competitions. The maps look really interesting.


Thank you very much, we are looking forward to seeing you soon at 3 Peaks – Dolomites 2020.