PWT Italia Elite & Junior Team – Training in Quarantine

6 Apr 2020 - Elite Team, News, News, PWT Italia

The PWT Italia Team and its stuff hasn’t even stopped for a second despite the difficulties presented by the Covid-19 spread. With an imminent 2020 season completely re-scheduled and changed dramatically, our athletes had to change their plans and find alternative ways to continue training towards their goals.


Let’s see now in-depth how each and every one of them keeps training actively during these weeks of quarantine:

Alessandro Bedin

“I tried to move my running session on the indoor trainer instead. I also do a lot of core exercises, stretching and full-body strengthening”. 

Lukas Patschieder

“I use a lot my cyclette, since the swimming pool isn’t available at the moment. In the afternoon I focus on technical improvements, such as core exercises”. 

Carlotta Scalet

“I’m very busy at the moment, me and Robert became parents a week ago. It’s a new challenge but we are both very happy.

Congratulations Carlotta and Robert from all the PWT Italia, and a Warm Welcome to Julia Merl!


Anna Giovannelli

“In this qurantine period I am indeed very busy, I follow my university courses online, so all lectures develops as scheduled. I still find enough time to train daily: when I wake up in the morning I always do a 30′ minutes yoga session to start actively my day. After that around noon I either do a cyclette training or I simply run around in my garden. Finally in the evening I focus on mental training, I look at old maps, compare routechoices and other kinds of simulated-training”. 

Sebastian Inderst

“I keep working from home, but in the meantime I can also training outdoor fortuntelly. Sweden has introduced less stricht quarantine measures, so I am allowed to train in the forest freely, work on my speed and terrain strength”. 

Tommaso Scalet

“I am steadily coming back from a long-term injury. I take it step-by-step while enjoying the process of building-up again. I work a lot on strengthening my weaknesses and develop a full-body structure again”. 

Riccardo Scalet

“With my main goal WOC Delayed, I decided to take a small break from training. I keep running and ejoying some movements, but I will start in a few weeks again to train harder. I also like to do cross-training sessions including mental exercises, and some circuit training”. 

We Wish everyone a successfull preparation, safety and health!

PWT Italia Press Office