Memories from PWT race 2002 in Matera.

22 Mar 2020 - Eventi Sportivi, News, News, PWT Italia

Today MOC Championship grand finale in Matera should have been run. We were ready to offer really something unique to our orienteering family. A mix of tricky orienteering and fun trough this orienteering paradise.

Unfortunately the terrible COVID-19 situation which is literally killing Italy wouldn’t allow to. Whole PWT Italy crew worked really hard until the last possible moment and despite the unsure  future ahead of us, there is one thing which we are sure, MOC 2021 will be epic!

Matera is there for us and next year MOC will be there again from 11th to 21st March!

Results from 2002

Some more words and the video from 2002 can be found on Park World Tour page

2021 will be also the 20th anniversary from the foundation of PWT Italia. To celebrate the anniversary, we are planning something really special during MOC 2021!
After this current situation in Italy will be settled, we will publish some more news about it.