MOC 2020 Tour confirmed with a new plan: Greece-North Macedonia-Albania-North Macedonia. MOC Championships, MOC Weekend and MOC Camp are suspended and rescheduled from 11th and 21st March 2021!

9 Mar 2020 - Eventi Sportivi, News, News, PWT Italia

As known, Covid19 also forced PWT Italia to adapt the programs of the 16th Mediterranean Open Championship, including the MOC Tour.

As the countermeasures adopted by foreign Countries towards Italy require that foreign citizens be quarantined on their return to home, PWT Italia has decided to introduce a variant to MOC Tour for the last three days, confirming it with a new plan! 

So, MOC tour organization continues, once arrived to Tirana, instead of going to Italy the tour will continue to North-Macedonia visiting the beautiful lake of Ohrid with orienteering competition there and Skopje.

The new program is online, find the bulletin here:

NO EXTRA COSTS will be added for this new plan of MOC Tour. 

This new plan was born to respect and protect the participants of MOC tour and to avoid any risk of contamination and quarantine which travelling to Italy could imply.

If you prefer to proceed in a different way compared what is the new plan of MOC Tour, please write us at 



After the recent development and measures to contain the COVID-19, to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all participants, MOC Championships, MOC Weekend and MOC Camp are suspended and will be rescheduled for next year. 

The dates will be from 11th to 21st March 2021.

Despite the great effort in the organization and investment from all the team to organise MOC Championships, Weekend and Camp it was decided to reschedule the event to next year. It was a sad decision but necessary to ensure the safety of all.

All the entry fees from MOC Championships, Camp and Weekend already paid will be valid from the edition of 2021 as mentioned in the entry form.