MOC 2020 confirmed. Here all the procedures for the event.

6 Mar 2020 - Eventi Sportivi, News, News, PWT Italia

At today, 6rd March 2020 following in accordance with the new statements from the government  decree 4th March 2020 and FISO, MOC Championship, MOC Tour, MOC Camp and MOC Weekend are confirmed


In respect of the DPCM (Ministry Decree) of 4th of March 2020 and the statement of FISO (Italian Orienteering Federation), orienteering events are allowed in Italy.

To ensure to safely proceed with the organization, the organizers will follow the Article 1 of the above mentioned DPCM to prevent and avoid any contamination from COVID-19. Because orienteering is a sport which does not require physical contact and without public and spectators.

During all MOC events in Italy, following what said before:

-There won’t be any social events at the arena such as opening ceremony
-All events will have some dedicated medical staff
-No indoor quarantine for athletes will be used

This measures comply to the rules imposed by the  government and orienteering federation. 

Following this, MOC organizers confirms and proceeds in the organization of the event.