MOC 2020 organisation proceeds. These are the latest news from FISO and the Government.

3 Mar 2020 - Eventi Sportivi, News, News, PWT Italia

At today, 3rd March 2020 MOC Mediterranean Open Championship 2020 and all collateral activities are confirmed.

MOC Mediterranean Open Championship 2020, MOC Tour, MOC Camp and MOC Weekend are confirmed with no program variation.

Sergio Anesi, new president of FISO (Italian Orienteering Federation) and board member of International Skating Federation, in his latest press release confirmed that at today that all orienteering activities in italy are confirmed. This is his statement: “Concerning the questions from some orienteers, referring to the organisation of orienteering events considering the corona virus issue, FISO (Italian Orienteering Federation) follows and will follow the statements from the Government, Ministry and the competent authorities. Said so, until there will not be an official interdiction, all the orienteering activities will continue.”
Here you can read the original message:


Following this, MOC organizers confirms and proceeds in the organization of the event.