International MOC Sprint Camp 2020 check out Bulletin 1! MOC Tour 2021 in Benelux!

6 Sep 2019 - News, PWT Italia

After the success of the previous years, MOC Sprint Camp is back! As always it is going to be an exciting quality training camp in the warmth of South Italy followed and coached by former world championship Emil Wingstedt.

Check out the Bulletin 1

The MOC Sprint Camp includes:

4 x sprint races at MOC Sprint Weekend
4 x  test races for urban WOC2020
4 x open trainings Seminars and analysis with Emil Wingstedt
50% discount to MOC Championships entry

For Teams and Clubs
Every 10 entries to MOC Sprint Camp 1 is FREE!


MOC Tour 2021 in Benelux!

MOC 2021 will touch Benelux, save the dates! March 2021!

Come and join us for a great tour in these new countries!