WOC 2019 – Middle distance Final for Riccardo and Sebastian

16 Aug 2019 - Elite Team, News, News, PWT Italia

Middle distance Final was the race that we really knew was going to be exciting and after the great qualification run on Tuesday from both Riccardo and Sebastian, expectations were high. They both had a good preparation and the right mental set to aim for a good final position. Unfortunately sometimes things doesn’t go as planned… Nor Sebastian or Riccardo seemed to get a good feeling throughout the entire race and, they couldn’t really express fully their potential.

Some words from the two PWT Italy athletes

Sebastian: “my technique was fine today, but physically I was struggling… Maybe I still had some tiredness from long distance. I really tried to push but I couldn’t be fast enough

Riccardo:” in the beginning everything went well then, in two-three controls I could understand well the map and instead of slowing down, I kept going and I lost many minutes. This was not how I wanted to run this race…but it went like this…

Video interview (in italian) and action-clips from the race


Congratulation to all the winners and runners competing.