Interview with Daniel Hubmann “MOC Camp? It is a high quality camp in a motivating environment”

8 Mar 2019 - News

Interview with Daniel Hubmann “MOC Camp? It is a high quality camp in a motivating environment”

Daniel Hubmann is without any doubt one of the best and most talented orienteers in the World. Proof of that are the 8 World Champion titles, 6 World Cup overall wins and 5 European championship gold medals. The 2018 was a phenomenal year for Daniel with both World and European Championship gold medals in sprint and for sure he will be one of the favorites for the 2019 too. Also this year Daniel Hubmann, previous winner of MOC Championship 2018 and 2017, will be joining the MOC Camp.

Between Daniel’s winter training camps and his busy schedule, we had the chance to have a short chat about the coming MOC Camp 2019 in South Italy.

PWT: Hello Daniel, thanks for taking some time to share some thoughts with us.
You have been a stable presence at MOC Camps during these years and thanks to your comments and feedbacks the camp is growing and improving every year. Why do you like this concept?

DH: It’s a high quality camp in a motivating environment. Meeting people from different nations, in sunny Italy with good food, and of course the amazing old towns makes it the best place to work on my sprint orienteering skills.

PWT: Can you share with us your best memory from MOC Championship and MOC Camp?

DH: It was the MOC camp 2011. I had my first heel surgery a few months before and wasn’t sure if I should go to the camp, because running was still painful. But suddenly when I arrived in warm Sicily, everything went much better and I could run every day. I believe it was because of many positive feelings and the excitement while exploring nice places and old towns of the island.

PWT: The last two years in Gargano and in Berga the MOC Camp tested the various formats for urban orienteering World championships. Do you see these tests as a good preparation in the optic of WOC 2020 despite the differences the terrains compared to Denmark?

DH: In those old town many different formats were tricky and demanding. So far I haven’t seen a format which is WOC worthy in various cities for both athletes and spectators.

PWT: At both MOC Camps in Gargano and in Berga you were there with your little kid. How long do you think it will take her to be faster than you?

DH: Hm, I think in 16 years she can beat me in sprint and in 21 years in long distance  By the way, she will be in the MOC camp again. So this will be her 3 MOC Camp at the age of 3.5 years.

PWT: Thank you very much for your time. We are happy to have you with us this year too. See you soon at MOC Camp.