Extraordinary MOC TOUR 2019!

14 Sep 2018 - News

Extraordinary MOC TOUR 2019!


MOC Championship 2019 will take place in Malta with 3 stunning races, to celebrate the 15 years of this event. Many great O-Champions will join!





MOC TOUR will continue to Sicily, with amazing races around Etna Vulcan, and proceed by bus to Calabria. We will have a race on the beautiful Sila Plateau/San Giovanni in Fiore, home of the National Park of Sila, which highest peak is at 1928m above the sea level.

MOC TOUR will end with a dive into history, with 3 fascinating competitions in the extraordinary historical centers in the area surrounding Paestum (south of Naples).

The first bulletin, containing all the info and the details, will be published at the end of September. Stay tuned!



Save the dates!
MOC Championship:      15th-17th March 2019
MOC TOUR:                       14th-25th March 2019

MOC TOUR limited entry: 150 pax!
Contact us for pre-booking!

Stay with us and…follow the sun!