Fantini wine by Farnese group’s official partner Five + Five Days 2018 in Abruzzo Vasto

20 Jul 2018 - News

All the adults winners in orienteering races will get a bottle of wine by Fantini cellar.
For both weeks the opening ceremony will be organized in Vasto with a free wine tasting offered by Fantini cellar.
The opening ceremony will be organized at the prestigious Palazzo D’Avalos in Vasto, with extraordinary gardens and sea views. Here the link:



Farnese in Abruzzo stands for wine since 1538, when the princess Margaret of Austria, spouse of Prince Farnese, decided to retire from the court life and build the wonderful Farnese palace in Ortona. It was a marvellous time for the town. Agriculture and especially viticulture, which has been one of the main activities in the area for centuries, were revived, as proven by the relics dating back to the byzantine age (XI century a.d.) kept in the nearby museum of the ducal castle of Crecchio.

Wines by the Farnese family were served during the banquets of the most important European courts and since then, the name Farnese became synonym of good wine in Italy and worldwide.


Farnese Vini was established in 1994 and in a few years has become the leading company in Abruzzo and South Italy in exported volumes, able to draw the attention of the industry’s main experts for the modern entrepreneurial approach, the strict quality standards and the quick commercial penetration.


In February 2013, a new partner entered into Farnese Vini, the “21 Investimenti” group, led by the entrepreneur Alessandro Benetton, who gave an impetus to the corporate strategies right away like a passionate long-standing partner. Then, the enhancement of production facilities began, with more than 8 million Euros already invested and a strategy to reorganise communication and brand placement was started. There was a smooth transition to the Fantini brand, which had been used for many years, whereas the Farnese brand became the group’s flagship brand.


In 2016 “21 Investimenti” and “NB Renaissance Partners’ – private equity fund created in 2015 by the partnership between Neuberger Berman and Intesa Sanpaolo – signed a binding agreement for the passage of the majority of the capital of Farnese Vini in NB Renaissance Partners. The new partner is working for the further development of the company in the main foreign markets, considering the growing demand for Italian wines in the world.


Farnese is producing today over 20 million bottles, more than 95% exported to 82 Countries, for a turnover of about 50 million Euros and a record increase in volume in the last two years which keeps growing relentlessly.


The President and CEO of Farnese Group is Valentino Sciotti, the chief oenologist is Filippo Baccalaro, the technical consultant is Alberto Antonini.



The Farnese Group works in siz of the most interesting regions in Central-Southern Italy:

Abruzzo with Fantini and Caldora;

Toscana with Tenute Rossetti;

Basilicata with Vigneti del Vulture;

Campania with Vesevo;

Puglia with Vigneti del Salento;

Sicilia with Vigneti Zabù and Cantine Cellaro.


Southern Italy will play an increasingly relevant role in the Farnese Group’s future strategies thanks to the extraordinary viticulture tradition of its territories, a variety of soils and climates with outstanding agronomic characteristics and the presence of some of the top Italian grapes – Montepulciano, Aglianico, Nero d’Avola, Nerello Mascalese, Primitivo and Negroamaro amongst red wines; Grillo, Pecorino, Greco, Fiano and Falanghina among white grapes – having great oenological potential, which is all to be enhanced and promoted, considering the growing interest of worldwide consumers.


To produce high-quality wine, you need great grapes. The way Farnese meets this need is by meticulously checking raw materials through direct management or by assisting private vinegrowers joining the “Quality Project”: we truly believe that the best results can be achieved only if the work is done by the people who know the vineyards and who have been working with passion for generations.


After a preliminary technical and agronomical assessment, the vinegrowers undertake to work their vineyards according to the methods and time schedules agreed with Farnese’s technicians, and they receive remuneration and rewards based on the quality of the harvested grapes. Actually, Farnese doesn’t not pay for the grapes, but rent the vineyards, which have to be worked by their owners according to some specific instructions.


All grape selection efforts can be successful only if supported by great professionalism along the different stages of vinification: 13 young oenologists with very important international experiences, transfer into the bottles all the quality that is grown in the vineyards, wisely and passionately.


Research and experimentation are other distinctive elements of Farnese’s commitment aimed at promoting the reference territories in Central-Southern Italy, by enhancing historic native grapes and by adopting new grapes, for to compete with a wide range of products and in different market segments.


This is the core asset that made it possible for Farnese to grow so quickly and to be appreciated worldwide, as proven by the praises by the public and the critics, with the awards received in the greatest international wine contests and the main trade guides. Farnese Group has been named “Best Italian Producer” in 2016 and 2017 by one of the most important Italian wine guide, “Annuario dei Migliori Vini Italiani” by Luca Maroni; it was named “Producer of the Year 2017” by the important German wine challenge “Mundus Vini” and by the Belgian wine writer Alain Bloeykens; moreover, the wine Edizione Cinque Autoctoni – the company flagship – was named “best wine of the year” for 9 times; more than 70 gold medals and international awards and accolades have been received in the last years, including the “Wine Spectator TOP100”.