Relay of the Dolomites – Renon

27 May 2018 - Elite Team, News, News, PWT Italia

For the first time we decided to participate at the Relay of the Dolomites, an international event which is held every year in South Tyrol in particularly demanding terrains, both technically and physically. Also this year’s edition, hold on the map of Ritten with courses set by Mikhail Mamleev, met the almost 500 participants’ expectations. The PWT Team had Sebastian Inderst on the start. With a stable race and a strong final sprint he succeeded in changing over to Alessandro Bedin in the lead, followed tightly by Primiero, which later deservedly won the relay. The 13-years-old Alessandro had to face a course set for M16/M55 but managed to keep concentrated and conclude in 6th position, stating that it was the most difficult race he had ever run. On the third leg we had our team manager Gabriele Viale, ready to sacrifice himself showing great team spirit. He ended his fatigues changing over as 10th to Anna Giovannelli, which with a stable race was able to regain the 7th position. On the last leg our top athlete Riccardo Scalet started a great comeback, and step by step managed to climb the ranking finishing on the 5th place. Satisfied with our debut at this amazing relay, we already put the next year’s edition in our agenda and are motivated to work hard to achieve even better results!