Trittico della Valsugana, bene il PWT Italia!! WE vittoria per Anna Giovanelli!

6 May 2018 - Attività, Senza categoria

5th-6th May 2018. On 5th and 6th of May, PWT participated to the event “Trittico della Valsugana”.
The format provided, on Saturday, a middle race in the woods at Monte Mezza, valid for Trentino title, plus two sprint races on Sunday, the first at Cinte Tesino in the morning and the second at Pieve Tesino in the afternoon.
These are PWT two days’ placements:
On Saturday in M16 a sixth place for Alessandro Bedin and a ninth place for Guglielmo Viale.
On Sunday in M13/14 seventh place for Leonardo Fochesato, in M16 fourth place for Alessandro Bedin and seventh place for Guglielmo Viale, in ME tenth place for Damiano Bolla and in WE first place for Anna Giovanelli.